Hr Software Pricing / Packages / Price List

Our Hr Software pricing starts from ₫ 35,000 per user per month.   Please select module for the exact pricing for your business needs.   We have hr software packages for all type of businesses - small, medium and large.

All of our Hr Software pricing includes

  • Unlimited Support
  • User Training
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Free Updates
HRM HRM + ATMS HRM + ATMS + Payroll HRM + ATMS + Payroll + ESS HRM + ATMS + Payroll + ESS + PMS
Features and Benefits
  • HRM
  • HRM +
  • ATMS
  • HRM +
  • ATMS +
  • Payroll
  • HRM +
  • ATMS +
  • Payroll +
  • ESS
  • HRM +
  • ATMS +
  • Payroll +
  • ESS +
  • PMS
Employee Profile Management
Department Management
Employee Reporting Details
Employee Access Card Details
Weekly Off & Holiday Details
Secure with user name and password
Shift Management
Attendance Record Management
Auto Integration with Bio-Metric Attendance Machine
Real Time Attendance Management
Defining Holiday by Provisions of the State & Customizing as Demand
Flexible Structure of Earnings & Deductions
Taxable & Non-Taxable Earnings & Deductions
Calculation based on Attendance / Fixed or Variable base
Input information for all newly joined, resigned /left employees
Create a new payroll month & Process Salary
Process & Print Pay slips for groups or for selected employees
Lock month facility to avoid changes in Processed Data
Other Deductions
Salary Reports
Generates Bank Transfer List
Reimbursement Management
Income Tax Management, TDS Management
Employee Self-Service:
Application & Approval for Leave, Comp-off & Out Duty
Employee Self Information
View Pay Slip
Request Claim
View Income Tax computations
Real-time punch in and out Attendance System for employees working from home/remote employees
Performance Management System:
Manage category of each evaluation.
Set and manage the goals for every performance review.
Initiate and manage the self evaluation of each employees for every evaluation cycle
Manage and initiate Performance Review for each evaluation cycle
Manage the Appraisal Schedule of each performance review
Set the Appraisal Parameter to be used for the performance review
View Feedback from reviewers
Generate the Employee Grade Report
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