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How to Select Right Recruitment Agency in Vietnam: 6 Essentials

What is the one thing that Vietnam, the fastest growing economy with a +6% YOY growth today has that the world could kill for?

Business, markets, and opportunities

And to grow the same, what’s the one resource most needed which though is not easily available and needs to be developed?

It isn’t MONEY. It’s MANPOWER!

For all those of you, corporates and otherwise wanting to enter the lucrative Vietnamese market as recruiters in Vietnam, we have the best list of places to approach to get the best employees and recruits in Vietnam. Recruitment in Vietnam from the sources mentioned below are assured of quickly getting on the work!

Prominent institutions of higher/ technical education for hiring in Vietnam!

There is a fairly good manner of education, especially higher and vocational education, and recruitment agencies in Vietnam. It thus makes sense for bodies to approach any of the right educational institutions Vietnam recruitment agencies to get the right type of manpower. All of them have recruitment departments which lies with industry as well.

Go to best recruitment HR consultants of Vietnam

Vietnam being part of the ASEAN bloc has an impressive growth with capital coming from China and US. All top HR consultants and HR recruitment agencies have their offices in places like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, not to mention places like Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Some are general HR recruitment agencies of Vietnam and others help formulate proper strategies to recruit from Vietnam and abroad. By googling for Vietnam recruitment agency directory, one can get the best list of such agencies.

Keep an eye on the competition!

With Vietnam’s growth, there is a lot of competition to be part of it. Recruitment in Vietnam can also be done by keeping a close watch on strategies implemented by competitor companies. Established companies always go to top recruitment agencies in Vietnam which may shorten the time in recruitment besides cutting costs.

Approach people of repute in the field!

Every industry has key people who establish and drive the industry. They also help with recruitment and identifying the right places to get employees. These also include Payroll services in Vietnam in various industries. Approaching such people and bodies of repute has the other advantage that one is sure to get good recruits in Vietnam!

Use sites including linkedin such as, Meetup, Xing, Bark, Opportunity, Jobcase etc.

Recruitment in Vietnam has opened with its economy far and wide and they wants everyone to returns & invest and find jobs & employment here. As such, recruitment and employment sites including linked-in are a great help both for job-seekers and employers. There are others like them for recruitment in Vietnam which can be used.

Use the services of banks and FMCG companies and agencies!

Potential recruits in Vietnam may approach financial bodies like banks and credit agencies. The latter has a good database of possible employment candidates in Vietnam using multiple criteria like age, qualifications, work experience, income etc which can help any employer get to right recruitment in Vietnam very easily and cheaply.

We come to an end with this list of sources of recruitment in Vietnam. With time, there shall be other ways by which employers may approach prospective employment in Vietnam besides using even Vietnam-specific technology-driven platforms.


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